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    Welcome to Longside Hardware Tools official website ! Chinese English
    Product Category
       Carbide tool
       Diamond PCD / CBN tool
       Natural Diamond MCD Cutter
       CNC tool holder
    New Products
    Diamond tool
    Diamond tool
    CBN knife grain
    CBN knife grain
    CBN machining
    CBN machining
    PCD knife tablets
    PCD knife tablets
    PCD machining
    PCD machining
    TSO carved handle
    TSO carved handle
    Special tool for stainless steel
    Special tool for s…
    Non-standard handle
    Non-standard handl…
       【DongGuan Longside Tool Factory】is a wholly-owned enterprise specializing in the design, development and production of various types of carbide cutting tools, diamond tools and other superhard materials. Since the establishment of the date, they identified the product positioning: to replace foreign imports.

        The company's management and technical staff mainly from the tool industry for many years in South Korea and the mainland institutions of higher learning professionals, technology, so that products continue to occupy the domestic market and into overseas markets. In particular, natural diamond tools have reached the international level.

        The company invested a lot of money to introduce Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and other advanced technology and knife mill equipment, the use of Japan's Sumitomo, Germany Conner, the United States Kenner's imports of alloy materials, natural South Africa, diamond raw materials, GE and the United Kingdom DEBEERS company All kinds of superhard materials; company's products are widely used in mobile digital products, aluminum products, watches and clocks, watches and clocks, gold and silver jewelry, optical components, motor parts,auto parts and other precision and ultra-precision machinery and industry.......more

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    Copyright:Dong Guan LSD Hardware Tools Co.,Ltd Website:Huawei 
    National Freephone:0769-85846888 FAX:0769-85846777 E-mail:lsd@lsddj.com
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